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To obtain a work permit in Canada, foreign investors and entrepreneurs choose to apply for a C11 Work Permit. Among many other options that are there, the C11 work permit allows one to move to Canada and set up and do business there.

We at Idol Immigration from our own experience and practice are here to be at your service to assist and explain the whole process of C11 Work Permit.

C11 visa Canada stands out as it provides work permit to the potential minds who are capable to do business in Canada and provide economic, social, and cultural growth and benefits to the country.


What is a C11 Work Permit?

C11 Work Permit is LMIA exempt route for an entrepreneur who wants to manage their own business in Canada. Canada welcomes talented entrepreneurs who are willing to bring business to Canada.

With the right guidance, an applicant can manage to apply for a C11 Work Permit as this visa islengthier and more complicated than a skilled immigration visa.

The initial work permit of C11 is for 2 years but it can also be extended several times stating that the business is growing, profitable, and still on the role. C11 Work Permit also allows successful entrepreneurs or businessmen to apply and obtain permanent residency in Canada.


Process and Eligibility to apply for C11 Work Permit

For the eligibility to apply for a C11 Work Permit in Canada an individual must have the C11 visa program criteria and guidelines to make an application. Many several factors are to be considered when Canada Immigration accepts an application for a C11 Work Permit.

  • Must have a setup of a successful venture
  • Resources to buy an existing business or franchise in Canada
  • A minimum of 50% of ownership in the business
  • A detailed business plan to set up the business
  • A business that generates significant benefits to Canada

For more detailed information it is advised to consult before applying for a C11 Work permit. We are always here to help you reach your goal.

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