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The immigration of Canada provides various immigration routes to the candidates who are willing to do their higher studies, job, business, or settle in Canada. Canada’s Intra Company Transfer (ICT) is one of them. Under this Canadian visa category, business owner can expand their existing business. ICT Visa is the most suitable for alike foreign business owners.

Under the Intra Company Transfer program, there are certain requirements followed by a process of application anda pathway to acquire permanent residency in Canada.


What is Intra Company Transfer?

Intra Company Transfer Program or ICT is the most popular for international professionals/workers to move to Canada to expand their existing work. Also, if someone works for a Company or an Organization that has a branch or parent company based in Canada, they are suitable to secure a work permit through the Intra Company Transfer program.

There are three categories in the ICT program under which a foreign worker should fit to apply for an ICT work visa. These three categories are Executive, Senior Managers, and Professionals with specialized knowledge or skill.


Process and Eligibility for Intra Company Transfer Program

To let the work permit be issued, the candidate must have at least one year of full-time experience with their employer. The ICT program is usually issued for one year and it can be expanded further as per the requirements of the employer and or the business needs.

The other general requirements for acquiring a work permit under Intra Company Transfer are:-

  • The candidate must be an employed in a multinational company and skilled to transfer to Canada
  • In case of business expansion, the business must be at least three years old and profitable
  • The employee must fit into the three categories to be eligible for the executive visa, senior manager, or specialized knowledge
  • The home company must be related to the parent company, subsidiary based in Canada

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