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Canada’s Start-Up Visa program allows eligible entrepreneurs to immigrate to Canada. The Start-up Visa program also referred to as the SUV program of Canada is a pathway for every qualified and innovative entrepreneur that can stimulate Canadian Economy and create employment opportunities for Canadian Residents.

Here is everything you need to know about Start-up Visa Program.


What is Start-Up Visa Program?

Canada’s Start-Up Visa program provides the opportunity to establish a new business in Canada to immigrate. The basic requirement to apply and be eligible for the Start-up Visa program is that the aspired immigrants must indicate that their business is innovative, unique, enough competitive and that can create jobs for Canadians.

There are processes and conditions that an applicant must follow and fulfill. The government entity is entirely responsible for the determination of the viability of the business.


Process and Eligibility for Start-Up Visa Program

For immigration to Canada through Start-up Visa Program, there are eligibility requirements a candidate must fit in.

  • There must be a qualifying business
  • Specific language requirements as per program
  • Sufficient funds to settle in Canada
  • Letter of Support from a designated organization

As a part of the requirements, it is also important that a business is supported by a designated organization. All the documents must be ready that covers relevant details for the submission of the Start-up Visa Program.

The estimated processing time for the application is 4 to 6 months for securing a Letter of Support and up to 18 months to finalize the visa application. A brief process that is followed is filling up the application form, completing the document checklist, and paying the application fee.

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