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Canada Tourist Visa

The Canada Tourist visa is intended for almost any individual, who wishes to consult with Canada for a term that is short either for the intended purpose of study in a short-term program or a short-term work project whose duration is not as much as six months or to visit relatives and family or for a vacation. Visitors to Canada under these and other categories will need to obtain a Canada visitor visa and get exactly the same before they are allowed to enter the country.

Canada Tourist Visa Categories

There are different categories for a visitor visa, depending on the purpose of your check out. Each category will have eligibility that is different also a various processes for application

Visa for Visit on Business

Any person who desires to visit Canada temporarily for one or more of the purposes that are following considered a Business visitor

1. You are looking for investment opportunities or partnerships in Canada to grow your business

2. The purpose of your visit is to construct stakeholders in Canada to your organization relationships

3. look for means to cultivate your company,

Indians who are applying for a visitor visa with the aim of business are required to submit the after making use of their application

1. A letter of invitation from your partner in Canada along with details of 24-hour contact information of the person

2. Documents showing enough proof that you are used in your country and now have employment that is valid

3. Plausible proof that you are planning to stay for six months or less and will not seek to extend your visa at the final end of the stay duration

4. Plausible proof you lack any motives to enter the working job market in Canada

5. You shall require to submit proof that the business head office is not based in Canada and that the foundation of income is outside Canada

6. You must have a legitimate passport that is not due to expire within the next six months.

7. You need to exhibit proof which you have sufficient funds for stay in Canada along with return airfare

8. You must submit medical records as well as police records to prove you arrive that you will be maybe not a threat to Canada whenever

Please note: if you should be about to stay for longer than six months duration or intend to have a job up in Canada, you are going to be considered as a short-term worker and will need to use for a work permit.

Temporary visitor or resident visa

Then you’ll be needing a temporary resident/visitor visa if you should be a traveler having an intention to visit Canada for the true purpose of any occasion or for visiting your relatives. Which can be an official document that is stamped on your passport by the consulate official that is Canadian. The stamp will indicate that you have met all the conditions which are necessary to enter Canada.

Eligibility for visitor visa

1. You need a legitimate passport just isn’t due to expire in 6 months or less

2. You need to maintain good health

3. You should have a track that is clean with no criminal or immigration-specific convictions

4. You should be able to show proof that is adequate you have ties to your property country

5. You ought to be able to persuade the immigration officer of one’s intention to keep Canada once your visa extent is finished.

6. You should show proof during your stay that you have sufficient funds to support yourself.

7. you will definitely need a letter of invitation from their store if you are organizing to keep with relatives

8. You may have to undergo an exam that is medical submit the results of the same if asked to do, therefore.

Super visa for grandparents and parents

Then you can certainly apply for a super visa if you are a parent or even a grandparent and intend to visit Canada become along with your children or grandchildren. The super visa allows you to stay in Canada for up to two years, unlike a normal visitor visa which only permits you to remain in Canada for half a year.

Eligibility criteria for super visa

1. You really must be either the parent or the grandparent of a citizen that is Canadian a permanent resident of Canada

2. You will require a letter that is signed by your youngster or grandchild which should include the following

3. An undertaking she’s going to help you financially for the extent of your stay in Canada which he or.

4. a listing stating the true number and names of this person residing in their house

5. a duplicate of his or her passport that is Canadian or visa.

6. Proof of experiencing obtained insurance coverage that is medical an insurance coverage company in Canada that delivers a minimum coverage of 1, 00,000 CAD and is valid for at the least a year through the date of entry and is fully compensated for.

7. The parent or grandparent must additionally just take an examination that is a medical show that they are not a health threat to residents in Canada

Documents for proof of funds

The little one or grandchild who issues the invitation will have to prove that their household earns the minimum income that is necessary. The documents that are following be submitted for evidence of funds

1. Notice of Assessment (NOA) or T4/T1 for the absolute most tax year that is recent

2. Employment Insurance stubs

3. Employment page income that is including date of hire

4. pay stubs

5. bank statements

The expert counselors can help you using the guidance of the Visa process for Visitor Visa and offer help that is best for the paperwork along with the right approach in obtaining the visitor visa in Canada successfully.


Q). How long can I stay in Canada as a visitor?

A). The extent that is appropriate of stay will be determined by a border solutions officer at your port of entry most visitors are permitted to stay for the duration of six months from the date they entered Canada. The border officer may require you to leave before six months and will indicate the date on your passport by which you are required to leave Canada in a few situations.

Q). What documents will I have to submit to visit Canada for a minor child?

A). You will have to provide the documents being following.

1. A copy of the child’s birth certificate

2. A letter of authorization finalized by the parent who is not traveling, containing their phone and address quantity, in English or French if at all possible, and

3. A photocopy of the non-accompanying parent’s signed passport or identity card that is national

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