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IELTS Coaching

IELTS Training from Idol Immigration

What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System is the most popular standardized assessment in the world. IELTS is an essential English language proficiency test that students or non-native English students have to go to, planning to move to a non-English speaking country to study, work, and migrate. English proficiency test is taken to assess an individual’s reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Why is IELTS important to study overseas?

English is the third spoken language across the globe. If you are planning to study or live in an English-speaking country, then your ability to understand the language must be judged through the test. Moreover, IELTS is recognized by more than 11,000 institutions globally and therefore widely accepted by universities and organizations in all of the major English-speaking countries.

How does IELTS work?

IELTS Is a fair and accurate assessment of evaluating how well students know the language. The assessment will be dived into four sections.

Your IELTS test will be accessed based on four sections


What IELTS score do I need?

Different universities and countries have their IELTS score band for eligibility. However, the IELTS may differ based on what you are looking to do in the country. The IELTS band score for those who want to study will be different for those who want to work in the country. To know the ILETS score of your dream university or dream country to work in, feel free to contact us.

This table represents the basic IELTS score band. The higher-grade score, the better will be your chances of succeeding.

Why Idol Immigration for IELTS training?

We have trained thousands of students who are now successfully placed in their dream countries. We’ve got certified IELTS trainers from India & Canada who would be teaching you. The best from the native speakers themselves. To know more about our IELTS trainers, feel free to contact us.

What’s in the course include?

IELTS Study Material
 Number of Hours Coaching – 40 Hours
Classes will be 4-5 days a week
2 hours session
Five people in a batch
Mode of Training – Online/ Offline

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If you are applying for Canada Permanent Residency, you must enroll yourself for General IELTS Test.
There are 4 Modules in IELTS Listening Reading Writing Speaking Applicants need to score a minimum 6 bands out of 9 in each module to qualify for Express Entry Program
If you are applying for a Family PR, there is no compulsion for spouse IELTS but if you can check the eligibility factors very carefully, 5 points will be added for spouse IELTS in Adaptability factor. However, Your CRS ranking will improve if you add your spouse's IELTS points to the CRS ranking.
No, Very first we need to understand how Express Entry Program works. There are many programs introduced by the Canadian Country EEP is one of the programs through which one can get a direct PR, under the EEP there are two different ways to apply one is called FSWP and the other is PNP. FSWP announces a Ranking every time any application meets the direct ranking gets an independent visa(i., one can settle anywhere in Canada as per his/her choice), wherein on the other hand government of Canada also issues some invitation through the route of State Nomination as well, In this scenario one has to meet the requirement of state It could be on basis of his/her ranking relation in Canada or their occupation in demand. Under this process, one is qualified with a band of in every section of their IELTS, and for FSWP the current ranking held is on 8777. so to conclude 8777 is not the only option through which one can apply for Direct PR.
IELTS score is valid for 2 years.
There is no minimum or maximum limit for the IELTS Exam. You can give as many attempts as you want but Our IELTS Training Program & Our Certified Trainer will teach you & give you the best tricks to crack the IELTS Examination.
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