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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Idol Immigration collects the necessary personal data with consent to give you the best user experience. We don’t collect information that hampers your privacy. We value our customers, and we also believe in transparency in the service we offer. 

With that said, you are liberal not to provide any personal details. 

What information do we collect? 

  • Customer Name
  • Contact Info – email, phone number
  • Residence City, Pin code

What do We do with your data? 


Your data helps us provide you with the best user experience each time when you visit the website. Other than that, we use your data to give you valuable and latest updates from our industry via email to keep you informed citizens. 


Where do we use your data?


We use data in the following ways.

  • Contact you

We connect to you through the personal details you’ve provided to give you a consultation over the phone. 


  • Cookies

Cookies are files stored on your computer’s hard drive that improve your experience when you visit the website. Do keep in mind, you’ll have to enable or accept cookies when you visit a particular website. 

Cookies are nothing but help you giving customized as well as better user experience. Likewise, Idol Immigration helps its visitors to get the relevant information they seek and improve their web browsing experience. 


Again, it’s your preference to accept the cookies or not. 


  • E-newsletter

Idol Immigration sends its customers about what happening around the globe and provides the latest information about the immigration industry via email. E-newsletter helps subscribers to stay informed.


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