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British Columbia Issued 198 Invitations in the latest Draw

British Columbia PNP program has issued over 1000 ITA’s to apply for Provincial Nomination.

The latest Draw was held on February 8, 2022. In this draw, BC PNP issued 198 Invitations.

BC PNP send the invites from Two Streams (1) Skilled Immigration & (2) BC Express Entry

Invited Applicants will have 30 days to complete their applications.

British Columbia issued the nomination twice a month since February 2021.

BC PNP has issued 10 Invites Under NOC 0621 (Retail & Wholesale Trade Manager) or NOC 0631 ( Restaurant & Food Service Manager) with a Minimum of 120 Points.

BC PNP issued 188 Invites through a General draw. Applicants received the invites if they are meeting a minimum score between 77-120 points.

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