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IRCC Commits to Speed-Up Work Permit Processing

Canadian Immigration Minister Seas Frazer commits to speed up the work permit application processing.

Accelerating the work permit application is the among top priorities on IRCC’s budget of $85 million this year.

Earlier, IRCC had announced that the service standard of a Study permit, work permit, proof of citizenship, and PR card renewal would return to normal by end of 2022.

IRCC will use the $85 million budget to reduce the Applications processing time.

In 2021, IRCC issued 4,20,000 under the IMP(International Mobility program) & Temporary Foreign Worker Program. However, in 2019 IRCC issued 4,05,000 Work Permits.

According to November, Statics Canada has 9,00,000 job openings.
LMIA is required to hire some foreign nationals.

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